The Tale of the Magic Cat

  Once upon a time, an old miller lived a happy and contented life with his three sons. Before he left this world, the miller left the mill to his eldest son, his donkey to his middle son, and the Cat to the youngest child. Although his youngest son did not make anyone sense this situation, he was very upset. Because according to him, it was impossible to make a living with the inheritance left to him. One day, he took the Cat, which he inherited, and took a look at it. Afterwards, he hugged the cat and thought, "What good can this cat do for me?" and stopped. At that moment, the cat jumped from the young man's lap and called out to him: "Have you never listened to The Tale of the Cat in Boots?" “No I didn't listen” “Then you are wrong in your opinion of me, sir. I can benefit you more than you think.” Said. The young man was quite surprised to see the cat talking. He stammered in surprise, “You! You will benefit me. So how will this work